Coast Art Walk no. 1 Jan 29th

North and a Nest

I was joined by Ginny today and it was hot, humid and a storm threatened. But a cooling nor-easterly was blowing. We settled down to work at Bungurra Reserve at Werri Beach facing the lagoon.

I am fascinated about how an idea arrives, we chatted as we explored the reserve and soon we both went off to work on our own pieces. Some weeks I imagine that group work will happen too. Ginny was inspired by the wood ducks sitting by the lagoon and decided to make a nest. I was thinking about North - not just a literal compass point but an internal sense of how do you find your "north"? Who or what is the impetus, direction you need in your life to orient you in your daily travels.

A couple of hours quickly passed and our work was done. I thought about who might find the works, if they would be noticed or whether the wind and rain coming would simply scatter them back to the tapestry of the reserve.

If you would like to slow down your Friday and join me for some creative contemplation, feel the breeze and the sounds of nature around you please register your interest here: