Coast Art Walk no 2.



Just me this week. I had already decided on Werri Beach as a location so I walked from the halfway point, observing the high tide, looking at what was washing up (seaweed mainly) and wondering what to make. As I got to the South end where the rocks shelter the end of the beach from the surf I decided to sit and wait for inspiration.

As the tide receded I watched 2 rocks become exposed on the beach. The surfers were wearing a track between them on their way to return to the surf after coming in on a wave. I wondered what would happen if I created something that wasn't an explicit boundary but slightly diverted them. I found myself collecting driftwood twigs and sorting them into sized piles. I wanted the two rocks to have some kind of dialogue so I started with the shortest twigs and created radiating circles to enclose the rocks. The outer circles nearly meet but not quite. The surfers could walk through if they wanted but they chose to stick to the edges, especially as the tide went out and more beach was revealed.