Coast Art Walk no. 8 - 18th March

North of Werri Headland in the rain

After a month or more of hot, humid weather, some real rain is welcome. I also find it's more comfortable to work on the beach on overcast days so it was wonderful to take Natalie and Karim to explore the possibilities of the rockplatform, sand and boulder field north of Werri Headland.

While I waited for them to arrive I made a tribute to the wind swirling around me from the dropped needles from the Norfolk Is pines at our meeting spot.

Then we walked up the coast track a bit and got to work. My pieces involved driftwood branches, Natalie explored the cornucopia offered up by the sea with two lovely collections that swirled around the rocks on the beach, Karim constructed a stone circle with portals. Our last collective piece was to display all the rubbish we had collected from the beach. The other pieces remained on the beach - the plastics came home with us.

My favourite comment from Natalie was that on a TV or computer screen you don't get the smells - so you will have to imagine the salt tang, the seaweed and the fresh air with a bit of rain blustering around us.