Coast Art Walk no. 6 - 4th March

Banksias and geometry at sunset

It's been a hot late Summer here. Mornings are hot after a hot night.... so I didn't go out today but waited till 5:30pm and took the family to Gerroa for a picnic dinner and a little session of artmaking on the beach.

After dinner, the picnic table provided the suggestion for the first piece I did - the kids were collecting the abundant Banksia seed pods and I liked the geometry of the table as a starting point.

Later down on the beach the kids drew in the sand and as the sun was about to set behind Mt Cambewarra in the distance, I saw V in the sand. A little ridge created last low tide by a folded reed stem on the sand and the water rushing past. A few more sticks and reeds were on hand to set up and other image of more V shapes pointing towards the setting sun.